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The gravity training system
A revolutionary machine that works mainly on the postural muscles and on your muscular strength in general.

The workload corresponds to the weight of the user, which you can adjust with the slope of the plan of translation. This system allows you to make more than 400 exercises in optimal positions recommended within the framework of the reeducation of the back.

“GTS” was used at first in the USA in the centers of functional reeducation before being opened to the public.

The working objectives are

  • Traditional training : muscular reinforcement and endurance
  • Pilate : Focusing, postural control and coordination
  • Plyometrics : Development of the strength as well as the speed of execution



10 sessions10 private sessions1 year 1x/week1 year 2x/week


Pack All Inclusive*1 day6 months GTS 1x/week1 year GTS 1x/week1 year GTS 2x/week
* includes access to the whole Wellness, the fitness courses, the gym, the GTS courses and the swimming pool

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