Mountain bikes / Citybikes / E-bikes / Handy Bikes

Activity opened to the public & to the groups on reservation.

Vallée de Joux is the absolute perfect ground to enjoy and have fun with a mountain bike. White path, single track, or even in the fields, the Jura vaudois is a unique place recognized by every mountain bike amateur. Our equipement is composed of 20 mountain bikes of every size. Helmets are obviously supplied by the Sports Center when you rent the bikes.

To the e-bikes fans, we also rent 5 e-bikes (electrical bikes) that will make even easier and more enjoyable the practice of cycling.

For the road lovers, there is the possibility to rent Citybikes as well.

Finally, for the people with reduced mobility, we have Handy Bikes which are easy and very fun to use. We also have a baby seat for a citybike and/or a mountain bike.



Rending Mountain bikes/Citybikes E-Bikes (adult) E-Bikes (children*)
1 day 40.- (from 10 MTB: 30.-) 54.- 49.-
½ day 25.- (from 10 MTB: 20.-) 49.-  34.-
1 hour 8.-
* under 16 years old


Reserve at +41 21 845 17 76

Focus on :

Nautical Base

Our Nautical Base offers many possibilities for the water-sports lovers ! Moreover, we have the chance to have a magnifical lake here in the Vallée de Joux...